At Razorcorp we pioneered the concept of the 24 hr School so that the School community could engage with the school during and outside of school hours. There are a lot of school websites out there that look nice, but have no functionality for the parents. Our solution provides the ability to bring the school together with its community, parents and guardians able to interact with the school via the web or from their mobile device 24/7. We are also able to provide custom solutions to increase productivity for the more efficient operation of the Schools Administration as well as the P&C's and Outside School Hours Care operations at the School. Our Solutions are in operation at schools with populations ranging from 50 - 800 students.
Our 24 Hr School provides functionality such as
The School Online Store, where uniforms, school fees, excursion fees etc can be paid for.
Registration forms for new enrolments – captured via an online database
In Area Calculator - Let parents find out if they are in Area
Sick and Absence notes submitted online
Download Manager – containing Policies and Procedures, Podcasts, Newsletters, Movies etc
Integrated Online Parent Teacher Interview Booking System
School and Staff  Management Calendars
Mail Management Systems to communicate with the School Community
Customised Class registrations and online payments system for Music and Dance Schools
Mobile - Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry
With our original Pilot site, a school of 200 infants, within 7 months, the site had received nearly 500,000 hits on the site. Taken nearly $90,000 through the school shop and freed up administrative time estimated at a yearly saving of between eight to ten thousand dollars per year that was quantifiable. The School Community utilisation of the site, now means that virtually everything is done on line, visitors to the school office had virtually ceased. The School was amazed at how many parents utilised the online services between 1am and 5 am in the morning.
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